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Goodsell Quinn recently settled a motor vehicle collision case which occurred on U.S. 212 near Sturgis, South Dakota, when a Suburban pulled out directly into the path of the client’s Volkswagen.  Both clients were struck and seriously injured, but one was unconscious and required airlifting to Rapid City after being removed from the crashed vehicle by the Jaws of Life crew.

Betty “Lou” was left with a traumatic brain injury, and Stanley fared better, and at age 77, he became the primary care giver.  Tragically, she was unable to care for herself and struggled to just survive.

Although the driver of the Suburban admitted guilt, the insurance company refused to recognize that Lou had a traumatic brain injury, even though the medical record had many references to cognitive impairment.  The insurance company’s refusal was calculated on a strategy that she might not survive.

Lou refused to give up, and the Goodsell Quinn attorneys moved for a before trial date and documented the traumatic brain injury through physicians who would testify at trial to Lou’s brain injury.

Faced with this evidence, the insurance carrier settled for $700,000 at mediation.  Stanley and Lou refused to give in to a “low-ball” settlement and now have the assistance they need to put their lives back together after this horrific automobile accident.

Darryl, their son, had this to say about the results and efforts by Goodsell Quinn:  “I had previously had the Goodsell Quinn attorneys handle a motorcycle accident for me and felt confident they would take the same excellent care of my parents.   The folks here at Goodsell Quinn were so professional and caring with keeping them informed and always being concerned tor their welfare. . .” 

Automobile crashes can cause lifetime injuries, and an early resolution often doesn’t account for brain injuries which will not heal long after broken bones do.  If you are injured in an accident, be sure to seek legal assistance.   Insurance companies often want to settle early and offer far less than the client needs for continuing care.